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that includes hands-on environmental research, college visits, and scholarship support.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer, Science and the Third 90 Network

Conservation and learning doesn't take a summer break for Third 90 Network students!  Students from our Detroit, Grand Rapids and Three Rivers communities participated in three summer science programs that challenged them academically, developed their science and research skills, and grew their understanding of environmental issues.

Pierce Cedar Creek Summer Conservation Program
The Third 90 Network partnered with Pierce Cedar Creek Institute (PCCI) to create a week-long
summer conservation program for Third 90 Network students.  Located in Hastings, Michigan, PCCI is a 661 acre nature preserve that welcomes many college professors and students working on reserach projects.  Third 90 students learned about environmental stewardship through outdoor field work, classroom activities and team-building skill development led by Michigan Colleges Alliance faculty and college students.

Plaster Creek Stewards Green Team
Plaster Creek Stewards Green Team is a Calvin College led opportunity for local high school students to participate in conservation projects in the Plaster Creek and Rogue River Watersheds.  Third 90 students participated in a four-week paid position with the Green Team, combining education and work.

Alma College e-STEM Research Week
Third 90 Network students participated alongside Alma College faculty and college students in a week-long program that explored STEM disciplines in the college's laboratories and in the field.  Students participated in field trips to technology and nature centers and conducted research projects on topics varying from water sampling to robotics.

View the full summer program report HERE.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Third 90 Network students join National Wildlife Federation event!

On August 1st, 2014, Third 90 Network was invited to attend the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) tour of Belle Isle as part of the NWF’s Wildlife Nation. Third 90 Network summer students were invited to speak and share their thoughts on what the Third 90 Network and conservation means to them. All eleven Third 90 summer students participated in the day that included a wildlife photography seminar, wild animal show and guest speakers. Third 90 students ended their day with lunch on Belle Isle.

Third 90 Network recently joined NWF’s Wildlife Nation, a social networking and on-the-ground community devoted to connecting young people with wildlife. As part of Wildlife Nation, Third 90 Network will share all team inspired activities as well as habitat improvements that students and faculty make during semester site visits. Wildlife Nation gives the Third 90 Network an opportunity to share the great research that our students and faculty are doing everyday as well as communicate with other students and organizations doing the same thing.